Pre-Congress Seminar 1

It All Begins with the Music
― Developing your Clinical Skills through the Concepts of Neurologic Music Therapy ―


Sarah B. Johnson

Sarah B. Johnson


Colorado State University, Fort Collins, Colorado


Creativity and musicality drive music therapy, but developing interventions based on scientific, therapeutic, and musical logic is also an important aspect of effective therapy. Based on research in neurologic, physiological, and cognitive processes in music perception and production, Neurologic Music Therapy (NMT) (Thaut, 1999) provides standardization of clinical techniques. A brief overview of several of the techniques will be provided, leading to an exploration of the Transformational Design Model (TDM) (Thaut, 2005). Video examples and live demonstration from the presenter’s clinical work in NMT will illustrate the vast possibilities of working within this paradigm. Special emphasis will be placed on interdisciplinary co-treatment and community based therapy sessions. Participants will work towards increasing their use of musical elements to facilitate goal achievement.
This seminar is NOT considered NMT Training and in no way replaces the NMT Institute or Fellowship Training endorsed and provided by the Academy of Neurologic Music Therapy.